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Need Dental Insurance? Try Cigna Dental.


Scout’s Honor

What does Scout’s Honor have to do with Dental Insurance? Although it can occasionally be done, predicting the future for the most part is practically impossible. Despite this and keeping with the motto used by Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts everywhere, to deal with such uncertainty it’s best to always “Be Prepared”. Obviously this motto can be applied to numerous aspects in life, and dental care is certainly no exception.

While taking the time to brush, floss, and visit Dr. Gary Skrobanek at GPS Dental for routine oral exams is certainly an important first step. However, in order to ensure the continuation of good oral health, there are several important secondary steps required to make sure you receive necessary dental care. Having dental insurance coverage in the instance of an emergency ranks at the top of that list. A dental emergency may in include: repairing or replacing chipped or missing teeth. Of course, when you’re writhing in pain because you have an abscessed tooth or need a root canal, these situations count as a dental emergency too!

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Although many dental insurance plans can provide you with excellent coverage depending on the treatment you receive, it is extremely important to realize that the purpose of dental insurance is to assist you in covering some of, but not all of the care you receive. Additionally, certain types of dental treatments may not be covered by your insurance provider at all; therefore taking the time to make sure you and your family have adequate dental coverage is certainly a highly important step in being prepared for any future mishaps.

Why Cigna Dental?

As mentioned previously, while there are numerous insurance providers available, and many of which can provide sufficient coverage, there are few better options than Cigna Dental insurance. As you may know, Cigna Dental is a global health organization that offers assistance in medical care expenses and general coverage plans to people throughout the U.S. and abroad.

What you might not know however is that by signing up for the Cigna individual or family plan, you have the option of adding dental coverage to your medical insurance, thus providing a much more simplistic avenue for managing your dental and other medical expenses. (As all healthcare needs can be managed by one single insurance provider.)

By signing up for a Cigna Dental plan, you will receive coverage for numerous dental service types such as preventative care, (routine checkups and cleanings) basic services, (fillings/restorative oral procedures) and even major dental treatments, (crowns, root canals, and more) thereby providing some of the most comprehensive coverage available today.

Additionally, even if you are not signed up for a Cigna individual or family plan, you may still have the option of using Cigna’s dental coverage, as there are numerous Preferred Provider Organization plans (PPO’s) available to those who desire their own separate Cigna plan.

If you have Cigna Dental, we are happy to check on your available coverage for the dental treatment you need and answer any questions.

Cigna Dental: Act now!

Although this information may certainly provide you with some valuable insight into Cigna’s dental insurance plans, it is important to realize that there are considerably more benefits available. If you are interested in getting additional details about whether or not a Cigna Dental plan is best for you and your family, you’ll want to search their website. As it’s been said before, “There is no time like the present” and in the spirit of always being prepared, there are few better ways to prepare yourself than by signing up for any Cigna’s dental insurance coverage as soon as possible! While there’s no way you can predict the future of your oral health, by preparing yourself with a quality coverage plan, you have taken a major step in ensuring a positive outcome.

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