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Power Up Your Flossing with an Electric Flosser

flossingOne of the latest trends in dentistry is aimed at getting more people to floss regularly. Because most people cite the difficulty and the extra time flossing takes as their reason for skipping it, new products have emerged to make flossing easier and faster. Enter the electric flosser.

Find out how to use this new technology to achieve a healthier, cleaner mouth with GPS Dental’s expert tips!


What Is an Electric Flosser?

Electric flossers, also known as water flossers, use a thin, targeted stream of water to help clean between teeth. This form of flossing is particularly useful for patients who have a difficult time with traditional floss, such as those with braces or bridges.

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While they certainly help our patients get a healthier smile, electric flossers are not a replacement for traditional flossing. Both traditional and electric flossing specialize in reaching certain areas of the mouth, and when they’re used together, the two can seriously reduce plaque.

Guide to a More Powerful Flossing Routine

While there are plenty of benefits to using an electric flosser, getting started with one can be intimidating. Before you power up your flosser for the first time, take a look at these tips to do it right. Don’t forget to check your flosser for directions or instructions that may come with it!

  1. If this is the first time you’re powering up your flosser, fill it with water and set the pressure to the highest setting. Spray the flosser into the sink until you get a steady stream.
  2. Bring the pressure back down to the lowest setting, or, at your preferred setting if you’ve used your flosser before.
  3. Lean over the sink, as using an electric flosser is a little messier than traditional flossing. Place the tip of your flosser in your mouth, closing your lips gently around it to prevent water from splashing out.
  4. Turn your flosser unit on, and let the water flow out of your mouth and into the sink.
  5. Move your flosser along your gumline. Starting with your back teeth, move the flosser forward, aim at a right angle and pause slightly between teeth.
  6. Once you’ve made your way past every tooth, turn your flosser off and take off the tip for cleaning.

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