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Local Dentist vs Corporate Dentistry

Buy Local Movement

We’ve seen the shift of “mom and pop” locally-owned businesses to corporate conglomerates and big box stores. Many of these big corporations are wonderful and have given us countless options that we never had before. However, we’ve noticed a change in the “personal touch” that we loved receiving from local business owners. In recent years, there seems to be a new trend, a consumer push to “shop local”, “buy local”, and support local businesses. We’re even familiar with “Small Business Saturday” in our communities. This helps to differentiate many small businesses, as every dollar spent with local businesses is typically going back into our local communities, not lining the pockets of shareholders and their bottom lines.

Local Dentist VS Corporate Dentistry

Not only is this shift happening with retailers and businesses, it’s happening in dentistry too. In recent years, corporate dental clinics have become more available in large cities across the country and we’re starting to see them pop up in smaller communities as well.

That’s why we wanted to take a minute and talk to you about the differences in corporate dentistry and the local dentist practices, like Dr. Gary Skrobanek at GPS Dental.

Corporate Dental Clinics: The ups and downs

As far as corporate dental clinics go, there is an appearance of lower cost treatment; as we all know this is a major selling point. Another is that there are typically multiple dentists available, which can help these practices deal with dental emergencies a bit easier.

However, like any corporation, sometimes the process at a corporate dental center seems more like that of an assembly line, instead of a dental office. Most times, corporate dental centers are designed to give you the assistance you need and efficiently move onto the next patient. This may help keep them on schedule, but this leaves very little time to address any personal concerns, future issues or explanation of treatment options to the patient. You can feel more like a number than someone who needs care and support for yourself and your family.

We all know dental health is important and this impersonal approach can be upsetting, especially to small children and patients who have dental anxiety. In addition to these concerns, dental centers often alternate their practitioners and seldom do patients see the same dentist at each appointment. This makes it even more difficult to anticipate what type of care you will experience at your next appointment.

Local Dentist: the ups and downs

Many times a local dentist seems like a direct contrast to the corporate dental center experience. A local dentist, like Dr. Gary Skrobanek, is focused on creating personal relationships based on trust with their patients who strive to offer a very welcome and calming environment.

An office owned by a local dentist is a privately-operated dental practice that focuses on personalized care that they make available to their patients and their families. In a well-run private practice, like GPS Dental, you will be treated by Dr. Skrobanek and his expert team who know you and your family personally, understands your specific needs and concerns and is prepared to make sure you receive the dental care that is best for you as an individual, as opposed to just treating another patient.

In addition to personalized treatment, private practices generally show a much warmer, friendlier atmosphere where patients are treated out of care and concern, which eases most fears or anxiety that a patient may have during their dental appointment.

The perceived downside of a private dental practice is that they can be more expensive. Of course, that’s all relative and is based on the required treatment. Keep in mind that many private practices accept multiple dental insurance programs and have several financing options because they want to make dental care accessible for all of their patients.

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Meet Dr. Gary Skrobanek: Local Dentist in San Antonio

Dr. Gary Skrobanek is a local dentist and native of San Antonio. He attended Highlands High School, just a few minutes from his office, GPS Dental. When it was time to go to college and dental school, he remained in San Antonio, where he attended UTSA and UTHCSA. When he graduated in 1994, he was recognized for his continuous excellence in clinical skills. He began private practice immediately, and joined a group practice on the Southside of San Antonio in 1996 where he remained for 16 years.

Dr. Gary Skrobanek formed GPS Dental, in January of 2013. His commitment to continuing education has allowed him to practice a broader spectrum of dental care in one setting, including implantology and sedation dentistry, as well as cosmetic dentistry and routine care. Dr. Skrobanek is experienced in complex wisdom tooth extractions and treats TMJ disorders by analyzing a patient’s bite and jaw function.

Bottom line, San Antonio and Brooks City Base is Dr. Skrobanek’s lifetime community. He takes great pride in offering the families who also call this area “home” quality dental care with a personal touch and lots of TLC!

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Corporate Dentistry OR Local Dentist: What’s Right for You?

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when comparing corporate dentistry and a local dentist, but this decision ultimately comes down to you; the patient, based on what is best for you and your family to ensure that you receive quality dental care. Regardless of your choice, you and your family are always the first priority!

Dr. Gary P. Skrobanek and his experienced, friendly team at GPS Dental offer affordable family dentistry and gentle dental care in the San Antonio, TX area. Our office is conveniently located and offers early morning appointment times Monday through Friday to meet your needs. At GPS Dental, we provide most dental services, from family and general dentistry to dental implants, sleep apnea, TMJ / TMD Treatment, cosmetic dentistry and much more. We accept most dental insurance plans and offer affordable financial solutions for any budget. Call us at (210) 633-3477 to make an appointment.