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Oral Cancer Screening at Your 6-Month Dental Appointment


Is November the Forgotten Month? 

As the eleventh month of the year, November is something of a time of transition and perhaps a pre-curser to the busy upcoming holiday season, thus November may resemble the proverbial “calm before the storm.” Apart from Thanksgiving of course, for many this might truly be the case as with Christmas and New Year’s on the horizon, November often seems to come and go without much notice.

However, this has recently began to change, as the dental industry has given the month of November a very important reason to be both noted and remembered by folks everywhere. Although this new distinction may still be catching on with the general public, thus far it has proven itself to be a worthy if not, a lifesaving cause!

Oral Cancer VS Professional Dentistry…

Oral Cancer Screening: Why Does It Matter?

As you probably know, cancer in all its forms is an extremely serious and potentially life-threatening illness; however, there are but few types of cancer that are more worrisome than that of oral cancer. Oral cancer is a particularly aggressive type of cancer that can manifest within the throat, cheeks, lips, or tongue, and may continue to spread throughout the body.

In response to this, as of 2003 November 1st through the 31st has been officially named “Mouth Cancer Action and Awareness Month” among the dental community. While this may be the first you’ve heard of this, it definitely won’t be the last and you can rest assured it is certainly a cause worth knowing about. With an annual death toll of approximately 7,500 deaths occurring within the U.S. alone, oral cancer is clearly a serious problem. However the field of professional dentistry has proven itself as something of a enemy to this treacherous illness, by providing patients with an oral cancer screening.

The oral cancer screening may in fact be the dental profession’s best kept secret, as many patients are unaware that they are receiving the screening even as it happens! An oral cancer screening, is a quick and painless procedure that Dr. Skrobanek at GPS Dental preforms as part of your standard dental exam. Therefore, when you come in for your routine dental checkup, you are simultaneously receiving an accurate screening for any early signs or symptoms of oral cancer, which is something that can be a deciding factor. Identifying and treating oral cancer within its earliest stages is often the best bet in fully overcoming the disease, as the cancer is not given the time to cause damage and spread, therefore it is paramount that you let Dr. Skrobanek take the time to give you that crucial oral cancer screening during your dental appointment!

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Dental Insurance Benefits: The Clock Is Ticking!

While November has been designated as oral health month, what you should also realize is that if you haven’t already, the sooner you schedule your routine dental exam/oral cancer screening the better!  While certainly all dental insurance companies provide their own individual health and/or dental plans, as a general rule of thumb the vast majority of insurance providers adhere to the recommended six-month appointment rule that Dr. Skrobanek encourages. The six-month dental appointment rule is the notion that in order to truly provide patients with the best possible care in preventative dentistry, that all patients should plan on having at least two routine dental exams per year, with an approximant six-month gap between appointments. In compliance with this, dental insurance companies typically provide coverage for the two yearly preventative exams, providing that the patient uses them. However, if the coverage for two appointments goes unused, you may find yourself spending extra money on something you didn’t even use, (as dental coverage does not carry over from year to year) and surely nobody likes to be wasteful! Therefore if you have yet to use one or both of your covered exams, using them now would probably be in your best interest, because they certainly won’t last forever!

What To Remember This November!

As the year begins to draw to a close, and we enter the holiday season, obviously there will much to do and think about. However, before November, (as it often does) slips by without so much as a peep, we highly encourage you to consider the significance of Oral Cancer Awareness Month, by taking the time (if you haven’t already) to schedule your routine checkup/oral cancer screening.

Remember while those precious insurance benefits won’t last for long, a healthy and cancer-free mouth will, so schedule your dental appointment now!

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