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Tooth Replacement Options: What’s Right for You?


Tooth Replacement Options: A Nightmare Come True!

Have you ever had a dream in which your teeth suddenly begin falling out? According to many oneirologists, this is one of the most frequent dreams (or nightmares) that people may have at some point during their lifetime, and may often invoke a sense of panic and anxiety among those whom experience it. Unfortunately, for some however this nightmare has in fact become a reality as sustaining a severely chipped or otherwise damaged tooth, may require nothing short of tooth replacement options to be corrected.

Tooth Replacement Options: Why a Tooth Replacement is Necessary

As you probably realize, your teeth play a vital role in your daily life both in a practical and aesthetic sense. Therefore, if you have one or more missing teeth, when you consider getting the necessary replacements are without question a very good idea. While your natural teeth are certainly strong and durable, there are numerous factors such as accidents, hard foods, acidic substances, or simply neglect and old age, that can seriously damage or even destroy your teeth. However, Dr. Skrobanek and his team at GPS Dental here in San Antonio are more than prepared to assist you in this endeavor, as we provide three different tooth replacement options for anyone with a missing or damaged tooth that needs to be replaced, all of which can be made available upon your request!

The Big Three: Your Tooth Replacement Options                             

As mentioned previously, there are three tooth replacement options available, each of which may present its own set of advantages or disadvantages depending on the user’s personal needs or life circumstances.

Removable Partial:

The most economically friendly of the given options, the removable partial denture or RPD, is a removable row of porcelain dentures, as its name implies. An RPD can be used both as functional teeth and to serve aesthetic purposes. While the RPD maintains a significant level of popularity due to its ability to accommodate elderly patients who may require having several teeth replaced, the RPD does in fact present certain issues or complications as well. This can be proven by  numerous instances of RPD’s getting lost or going missing, particularly among elderly patients or folks on vacation, thus leading some patients to seek a more permanent and secure solution.

Fixed Bridge:

A fixed partial denture or dental bridge is in many ways similar to the aforementioned removable partial as it consists of an artificial row of porcelain teeth that are designed to fit within a patient’s mouth. However, unlike the RPD, the bridge is fixed or non-removable and cannot be removed from a patient’s mouth. While its fixed nature may eliminate any risk of the device getting lost, in the past some patients have complained of a certain level of difficulty when eating or speaking with the fixed bridge, in addition it has also hindered the patient maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Dental Implant:

The third and perhaps most sought-after method of tooth replacement options is the much-improved dental implant. In contrast to the two previous options, the dental implant may look and feel as less of a synthetic substitute, and more as a natural tooth. The dental implant is a ceramic, custom-made tooth that is strategically placed onto the jawbone of the patient, so that it may slowly be enveloped by the bone and gums over time becoming a permanent replacement for the missing tooth. Although the most expensive of the three options, in many ways the dental implant presents the highest level of quality as it requires the least amount of maintenance and attention as the others. In addition to providing the most authentic look and feel as having a natural tooth.

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Tooth Replacement Options: Rest Easy!

While the thought losing your teeth may seem like a nightmarish scenario to be in, hopefully you may rest a little easier knowing that you have a dentist here in San Antonio who can help you if this were to occur. Having missing teeth is never an ideal situation and Dr. Skrobanek and his team at GPS Dental are certainly prepared to help!

So if having missing teeth is making your life a nightmare, come see us at GPS Dental so that we may help this bad dream end happily!

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