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Staying Hydrated is beneficial to your Oral Health and Your Body

You’ve probably heard that drinking water can help clear up your skin, keep your body healthy, rejuvenate your muscles, get rid of waste, etc. There are so many benefits to staying hydrated and many of them are widely known. Essentially, there’s no better drink than water, and it makes sense with our bodies being 60% water. What sometimes isn’t known is how great drinking water is for your oral health. A simple and easy way to help keep your teeth healthy and strong is to drink more water!

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Staying Hydrated: The 4 Major Oral Health Benefits of Drinking Water

  1. Strengthens Teeth. In the United States, fluoride is added to our water and it’s a huge contributor to your oral health. Fluoride is often known nature’s cavity fighter and that’s exactly what is does for us when you drink water with fluoride. It blends with your teeth’s enamel and can even prevent tooth decay and plaque.
  2. Cleans and Keeps Your Mouth Clean. When you drink something after you consume food, it helps to wash away leftover food in your mouth, and water is the best option for this. When you consume drinks filled with sugar, your tooth enamel suffers and gets worn down due to a build-up of bacteria from all the sugar. With water, there’s no sugar involved, and it can wash down the food you eat, dilute the acid in your mouth, and also clean up any debris in your mouth so bacteria have less to cling to. That fluoride we talked about earlier will also coat your teeth and defend your teeth against any harmful acids. Watch this quick video: Drinking Water for Good Oral Health
  3. Keeps Dry Mouth Away. Surprisingly, tooth decay loves a dry mouth and this is because saliva is our biggest defender against tooth decay (which makes staying hydrated even more important). So, when your mouth is dry, you’re fighting against more and more bacteria. Drinking water helps keep the dry mouth away by creating more saliva in your mouth.
  4. Fights Bad Breath. You might think that a swish of mouthwash is the only way to curb a case of bad breath, but water comes to the rescue again. In the morning, we’re essentially dealing with dry mouth after sleeping for hours, and our bad breath is a result of that. Bacteria has been working hard overnight to give us bad breath, and drinking water when we wake up can help with the dreaded morning breath smell, and, of course, contribute to good oral health.

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The reasons to drink water are plenty, and knowing how big of an effect water can have on our oral health makes it even more imperative to staying hydrated by drinking water every day.

GPS Dental Wants You to Have a Healthy Smiles

As you know, it’s important for everyone to have a solid foundation of oral health habits. Not only does that include brushing and flossing daily, but also having healthy habits — including drinking water! Why is drinking water important for you and your family? I hope we answered that question in this blog. Dr. Skrobanek and his Team love to talk about dental health and look forward to answering any of your questions during your next dental appointment.

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